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Nov 21, 2016

Rife Technology began in the 1930’s when a man named Royal Rife claimed that when using a microscope he could observe pathogens resonate and break up at certain frequencies.  According to reports the Rife Microscope, had the capability to observe several different types of pathogens.

In 1932 a conference was held in San Diego.  Some of the top doctors from around the world were at the conference.  During the conference many doctors were informed of the Rife Technology. Rife began to treat many people with the new technology.  Reports indicate the technology is worth a second look.  Information indicates more people are looking into the technology as a possible alternative to traditional medicine.  It is important to not make medical claims, however with possibly over one billion people in the world suffering from infections perhaps it is time to re-examine Rife Technology.

Since that time more than eighty years ago people have been attempting to replicate Rife Technology.  What you will find is there is a fine line between quackery and legitimate science.  Some people will take a nine volt battery and hook it up to a pipe and call it Rife Technology.

There are also many theories about why Rife Technology could be an effective tool.  Some people claim electrical energy makes the immune system stronger, some people think the energy from the machine could destroy negatively charged pathogens.  The body is made up of electrical energy.  Perhaps the energy from the machine could correct abnormal electrical patterns.  Energy re-balancing could be another purpose for the technology.  Each cell is said to have a tiny electrical charge, perhaps the energy from the machine could re-charge the cells in the body.  Certainly the main theory is that Rife Machines have the potential to resonate and destroy dangerous pathogens.

People will sometimes ask if you kill the pathogens in the body wouldn’t you also be killing the good cells.  The truth is Rife Technology has been around for more than eighty years, and many people have used it.  It ultimately boils down to looking at pathogens like dangerous bacteria under a microscope.  The next step should then be observing the pathogens when exposed to a Rife Machine.  Rife is the best or only alternative I know of in many situations.

Please feel free to contact Travis at www.rifemachinebuilder.com


The single largest contributing factor when it comes to bloating is your diet. You may not even know it (especially considering so many of the foods listed below are incredibly healthy) but the foods you’re eating are likely causing you to feel full and overinflated. The good news is eliminating these foods from your diet (or at least limiting your intake) will eliminate bloating almost immediately.

Avoid these 33 foods and you’ll be on your way to a flatter tummy in no time:

1. Cheese

If you can’t keep your hands off cheese, there’s actually a plus to this and that embarrassing belly bloat. Cheese contains whey, a type of protein that’s been linked to boosting lean body mass. So watch out 6-pack!

Plus dairy is a satiating food, which means that it fills you up longer than other foods. Snack on a small bowl of cottage cheese, low fat string cheese, or Greek yogurt to prevent binge snacking.









Your enamel on your teeth can be restored. We will talk more about this later. Meanwhile there is hope and new technology in the near future. Coming soon we will explore these new tech. solo flights on your health.



How to Repair Enamel on Teeththumbnail
How to Repair Enamel on Teeth (Photo: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

Enamel on the teeth serves the same function as skin on the rest of the body. It is a form of hard tissue that protects the rest of the tooth from erosion, breakage and several other hazards that occur in the mouth. Enamel gets worn away from the many acids that pass through the mouth during eating and drinking and remain on the teeth. Most of the time the enamel repairs itself, but sometimes because of many reasons, it does not. Once the enamel is worn away, there is nothing to protect the teeth from all the bacteria and germs that enter the mouth. If the enamel is not too worn, it ca

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