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Budget vs Dream reality.

Dreams about an idea to  reality.

Crowd funding videos and interviews coming in the future. Keep checking back,please. IT’S THE FUTURE!



SANDY — Getting a new business on the track to stability and profitability takes vision, effort and lots of cash. While figuring out the first two can be challenging, the third can mean the difference between success and failure.

About 300 entrepreneurs spent the day Thursday trying to learn what it would take to attract the financial interest necessary to help make their enterprise the next great Utah business success story. They attended the Utah Crowdfunding Conference at the Salt Lake Region Small Business Development Center at the Miller Campus of Salt Lake Community College.

Panel discussions and speakers focused on creating powerful crowdfunding campaigns and viral videos, as well as how to recruit “influencers” and equity crowdfunding.


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Do you dream? Do you dare? More later… Future projects coming   soon here for 2016!

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