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when magazine staff

The dedicated staff at whenmagazine is being hand selected by the ceo.

We are building our staff on person at a time. Interviews can be set at Skype.  email whenmagazinenews@yahoo.com  Attn:  Doug When

We are looking for new writers that fit our format  Will consist of skills of many writers in touch with our mission.

concepts at whenmagazinenews!@ya@hoo.com.

Looking for dedicated writers for original content to fit our format. Please email at whenmagazinenews@yahoo.com

Lorraine Price our new movie reviewer. Check out her reviews on our website.


Crowd Funding Development Ideas

An Inde Go Go idea being discussed now.

Jeremy our sports writer is featured in our sports section. In Boston,MA  Welcome Jeremy to our team.

Leila Lewis is talented as a writer and will have a writer’s

section on whenmagazine.com as a health specialist writer.

writers needed  for our magazine.

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