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Know about Survival and experts giving tips.

Was cold and alone,

But you we’re still on your throne.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.

Editorial on survival by Doug Deneve

Most people are comfortable with their everyday life decisions. What if you were forced to live off the grid. Would you know how? Think about that for a few minutes before reading this. Now your mindset should be in order somewhat. There are people everyday living off the grid. The homeless can tell you many stories why they choose to live off the grid. The one thing in their mind is,CONTROL. Others is freedom and being more happy with what GOD provides them. Kind people that take the time to give. Now admit it. When you see a homeless on the street,you think they could be a bum and only a bum. You tell your Children stay away from them. From my experiences,I have patiently took time to listen to people on the street or living in their cars. The stories I get vary from one to another. But in most cases I do understand where they cone from. Some are so discouraged they don’t know where to turn for help. They get harassed by police and people. If you only knew why they are where they are in life now,you might have patience and kindness toward them. Question how did they get there? What circumstances got them there? Listening to a person that doesn’t have much. Instead of looking down on them. Listen with kindness. And think how blessed you really are.

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In the times we are living in right now. We need need to practice
survival tips.
Be prepared for the unknown is here. This world has too much control over us.
It time to fight back with knowledge. And trust GOD in every move we make.




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